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Our Expertise

Blackice Solutions (BIS) are experts in Cyber Security  Risk and Compliance. We help you select and deploy the latest technologies most suitable for your security and compliance requirements. Our experienced team can show you how to quickly integrate security into the fabric of your business. We address REAL business problems related to security compliance and risk. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions uniquely suited for your specific needs. 

  • BIS will use IT Security to help grow  your business

  • BIS will be efficient in our IT security management capability

  • BIS will execute projects on time and on budget

  • BIS will manage our suppliers cost effectively

  • BIS will provide a  high level of service availability and continuity

  • Customers will have confidence in our services and facilities

  • BIS will comply with all applicable regulations

  • The right people will have access to the right information

  • BIS tools will be fit for purpose

  • BIS will execute change efficiently and reliably

  • BIS will embed continuous improvement in our processes

  • BIS will maintain our operational risk to within a defined risk appetite

  • BIS People will be fully engaged

  • BIS people will make the right decisions

  • BIS will invest in our people and develop their expertise

  • BIS will protect our know-how as a competitive advantage

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